In my artistic production I focus on sculpture and painting. In addition I work in installation, light, photography and acoustic recordings.

For the sculptures I mainly use corrugated cardboard, which I additively connect compartmentalized with glue and build it up to form larger, often hollow volumes. Sanded and fitted a clear inside and outside comes into being. Although motifs are often non representational, the works touch the memory of things that surround us every day, but can never be clearly assigned. Thus the peculiar perception arises from the viewer that he experiences something familiar and completely new at the same time.The panel paintings are painted on primed plywood. In addition to its effect as reified image-objects they bring pictorial contemplation to substance phenomena of pigment and binder, as well as to different ways of inking and workflows.

It is mostly a concrete exhibition or work situation that leads to brainstorming and the production of new works. In the course of this sculptures and images will be created that can be independent of each other, but can also be combined to multipart spatial ensembles.